MEDICAL USE. PROFESSIONAL RANGE. Teoxane Post Procedure Soothing Aftercare Fluid 200ml.


 This professional cosmeceutical range contains some products designed to be used as part of a aesthetic procedure, prepare the skin, reduce discomfort and post-procedure soothing time.
TEOXANE POST PROCEDURE is a special care product that prepares the skin for aesthetic cosmetic treatments such as wrinkle injections, laser treatments or skin rejuvenation and then soothes and regenerates.
This soothing fluid is designed to calm and restore skin following an aesthetic procedure such as anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels, laser treatment.
The delicate, irritated skin is soothed, protected, while skin regeneration is enhanced to ensure a quick recovery.
Soothing, regenerates, hydrates and accelerates wound healing after treatments.


  • Arnica, Antarticine, Neutrazen, Chlorexidine Digluconate.
  • Arnica: a natural extract with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Antarticine ™: aids the healing process.
  • Neutrazen ™: a lipopeptide that reduces skin inflammation.
  • Chlorexidine Digluconate: recognised for its bacteriostatic properties.


  • Soothes irritated post treatment skin.
  • Protects the delicate skin from damage.
  • Enhances skin regeneration.
  • Ideal for use following procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, peels, laser, etc.


Apply Post Procedure generously to the treated areas immediately after aesthetic intervention (eg wrinkle injections, peeling, laser).
In order to support the restoration of regeneration, post procedure should be used in combination with Deep Repair Balm at least the first five days after the procedure.
Generously apply to the affected areas after the aesthetic treatment.
For best results, use alongside the Deep Repair Balm for five days after the treatment.


Aqua (Water), triglycéride caprylique / caprique, propylheptyl caprylate, le pentylène glycol, la glycérine, le lactate d’alkyle C12-13, le polysorbate 80, le propylène glycol, l’acrylate d’hydroxyéthyle / SODIUM ACRYLOYLDIMETYL taurate COPOLYMÈRE, Arnica montana EXTRAIT DE FLEURS, feuille d’aloès EXTRAIT, hyaluronate de sodium, l’allantoïne, digluconate, PSEUDOAL TEROMONAS FERMENT EXTRAIT, Glycyrrhiza glabra (RÉGLISSE) EXTRAIT DE RACINE, hydroxyéthyle urée, dextran, Palmitoyl tripeptide 8, le butylène glycol, le polyacrylate de sodium, PARFUM (FRAGRANCE), acétate de tocophérol, palmitate d’éthylhexyle, Silica diméthyl silylate , Chlorphenesin, DISODIUM EDTA, l’isostéarate de sorbitan, le polysorbate 60, BENZOATE DE SODIUM, sorbate de potassium, acide salicylique, acide CITRIQUE, hydroxyde de sodium

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