Neferttiti Lift is a mesotherapeutic product for a soft skin lifting. This meso-cocktail immediately moisturizes, tightens and contours the face and neck area, emphasizing the neckline. The formula concentrates on helping rebuild natural collagen, promote cellular nutrition, boost cell turnover, and improve elasticity.


  • Raises the level of skin tension on the face and neck
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Face and Neck lifting
  • Reversing aging process
  • Hydration and uniformize skin contour
  • Enhance skin elasticity and firmness
  • Tested under dermatological control
  • Made in France

How To Use:

Apply once in every 14 days. To achieve the best results, the treatment should be performed in a minimum of 6 sessions over a 3-month period plus 4 sessions to maintain effects.

Note: Can be used with the Derma-stamp


Each box contains 5 x 5 ml vials.

Note: Dermaqual NEFERTITI LIFT must only be used by or under the supervision of a medical aesthetic specialist or Dermatologist.