Features and benefits of Plasmolifting ™ tubes

For the correct and safe use of the Plasmolifting ™ method it is very important to use only special devices and consumables of the highest quality: tubes, centrifuges, syringes and needles.

Sodium citrate

  • Prevents blood clotting
  • It is used in vivo

The gel

  • Qualitative absorption Increased platelet concentration
  • The clearly defined boundary layer
  • Good (perfect) erythrocyte fixation
  • It does not influence the composition of platelet autoplasm


Plasmolifting ™ test tubes:

  • contain an anticoagulant (sodium citrate), which prevents blood clotting and inhibits platelet aggregation
  • contain an inert biological gel (thixotropic gel), which separates platelets from erythrocytes and leukocytes, obtaining autologous plasma, of great therapeutic value
  • they are made of the highest quality borosilicate medical glass, according to a special technology, and hermetically sealed with a stopper (which ensures sterility, stability of the contents inside and keeping the vacuum inside the tube)
  • are classified as Class II medical devices (which means that plasma obtained with them can be injected immediately after centrifugation in the body)

Substances contained:

  • allow to obtain the autologous plasma suitable for injection into the human body
  • ensures adequate platelet absorption at concentrations appropriate to the therapeutic range
  • forms a well-defined barrier that prevents the plasma from mixing with the RBC assembly (red blood cells)
  • does not affect autologous plasma composition


  • the materials used in the manufacture of Plasmolifting ™ tubes and the substances they contain allow to obtain the autologous plasma suitable for injection into the human body; the upper and middle parts of the inner wall of the tube are lined with a thin layer of anticoagulant (sodium citrate)
  • The patented separator gel forms a solid barrier between the red blood cells and the plasma during centrifugation
PRP GEL is a medical device for the preparation of PRP (platelet rich plasma) – autologous plasma (platelet-enriched plasma) and platelet gel.


PRP has for many years different fields of application in medicine and surgery (oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implant surgery, hair care, orthopedics and traumatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, ophthalmology), with a special utility in Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery , as well as in Regenerative Medicine, with the aim of inducing processes of bioregeneration and biostimulation of tissues and of processes of accelerating healing (ulcers and burns, loss of mass, etc.).

External appearance of blood in Plasmolifting ™ tube after centrifugation:

Autoplasma trombocitară 4.0 ± 0,5 ml

Gelul de absorbție

Cheagul eritrocitar – leucocitar